• Manuel Ochsenreiter

    Manuel Ochsenreiter

    Journalist and editor-in-chief of the German news magazine ZUERST!, experience in reporting from war and conflict areas such as Syria, Caucasus, Balkans and Eastern Ukraine.

  • Dr. Mateusz Piskorski

    Vice Director
    Dr Mateusz Piskorski

    Political prisoner in Poland, Political scientist (PhD in political theory), founder of European Centre of Geopolitical Analysis network, dean of Warsaw Academy of International Relations, former MP of Polish parliament

  • Leonid Savin (Russia)

    Leonid Savin

    Head of the Administration of the International Social Movement “Eurasian Movement“, Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Geopolitika” and web-portal

  • Kevork Almassian (Syria)

    Kevork Almassian

    Researcher & Expert in International Relations. BS in International Relations & Diplomacy. MA in Middle Eastern Politics