German MEP Marcus Pretzell (AfD) at 2nd Yalta International Economic Forum

The 2nd Yalta International Economic Forum – ‘Economic Growth in the Face of New Challenges” – commenced its proceedings on the morning of 14th April 2016. The first of the Forum’s events was an exhibition of investment projects – already incepted, and proposed for implementation – in the Republic of Crimea in the City of Sevastopol. The projects featured in the exhibition include the construction of a new terminal building at Sevastopol airport; establishing industrial parks, agricultural parks, and tourist clusters in the Republic of Crimea; as well as implementing development projects in the Region.

The Forum has gathered more than 1100 participants in Crimea, from 26 world countries, including Australia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Poland, Iraq, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, France, Israel, Czech Republic, Belgium, Morocco, Slovakia, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Estonia. Foreign delegates arriving for the Forum include business leaders, politicians, and famous society figures. For the first time, Members of the European Parliament –Marcus Pretzell (Germany) and Jaromìr Kohliček (Czech Republic) – are attending the Forum, along with Members of the Austrian Parliament.

MEP Marcus Pretzell shared his feelings about his visit with the Press Service of the YIEF. “There are two reasons I want to take part in the Yalta International Economic Forum. The first is my interest in bolstering good relations between people in Germany and people in Russia. But the second are the economic sanctions which have been applied against Russia – which are truly something which provoke growing public resentment in Germany. As a German, this forum offers an excellent opportunity for me to share my feelings about the economic consequences of pursuing such a mistaken political direction by the German government – and to take in the Russian side of this argument”.

Marcus Pretzell is accompanied by the chairman of the youth organization of the AfD party “Junge Alternative”, Markus Frohnmaier.

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