German MEP Pretzell: “Genocide recognition and genocide prevention!”

Copyright: Olaf Kosinsky/
Copyright: Olaf Kosinsky/

German MEP Marcus Pretzell of the eurosceptic AfD party sharply criticized the Bundestag debate about the recognition of the Armenian genocide as an “unworthy theater”. Pretzell described the “aggressive actions” of the Turkish lobby groups that want to prevent the recognition as “shocking”. “Erdogan uses migrant lobby groups as his infantry in Europe”, said Pretzell. The MEP continued: “The political pressure exerted by Ankara on the elected representatives of the Bundestag is unacceptable.” Continue reading “German MEP Pretzell: “Genocide recognition and genocide prevention!””

Erdogan’s plan to invade Europe

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by Steven Nezar Sahiounie (Syria)

Europe is historically a group of different nations with Christian background, now banded together as an economic unit known as the European Union.
On the other hand, Turkey is a non-European nation with 75 million Muslim population, on the edge of the European continent, with a long stated goal of entering the EU, but consistently denied for several reasons, most importantly is Turkey’s record in Human Rights.
Turkey’s President Erdogan decided to invest in the Syrian crisis, by using migrants flooding into Europe as a method to change the demographics to Turkey’s favor. Continue reading “Erdogan’s plan to invade Europe”

“Turkey and the United States have an intention to trigger fire in the Caucasus and Central Asia”

Soldiers of the NKR Defense Army
Soldiers of the NKR Defense Army

Kevork Almassian, Geopolitical Expert and Analyst of the German Center for Eurasian Studies about the escalation in Southern Caucasus:
“Few months ago, anti-government demonstrations erupted in the Armenian capital Yerevan in protest to raising the electricity prices. The organizers of the “Electric Yerevan”-demonstrations quickly turned the social movement into anti-Russian activity. At that time, I warned my enthusiastic friends to be careful because the smell of the “color revolution” was all over the place, it was an American-EU attempt to destabilize Armenia, a vital partner to Russia.
Obviously, Turkey and the United States have an intention to trigger fire in the Caucasus and Central Asia, especially after the nuclear deal with Iran. Now the clashes erupted once again between Azerbaijan and the Nagorno Karabakh Republic whose economy is mainly dependent on the Armenian state budget, so imagine what would have been the faith of Karabakh if the “Electric Yerevan” movement succeeded to overthrow the government in Yerevan and chaos prevailed as it occurred in Ukraine?”

Kevork Almassian: EU-Turkey refugee deal – A dance with the Devil

Analyst Kevork Almassian

The EU and the Turkish government have reached a controversial ‘one in, one out’ refugee deal which they claim will end the chaotic influx of migrants towards Europe. According to the deal, irregular migrants crossing from Turkey to Greece will be sent back. For every Syrian refugee returned to Turkey from Greece, one Syrian from a Turkish refugee camp –which was built to cover up the process of recruiting and training the terrorists– is to be resettled in the EU. For other nationalities, the route to Europe is entirely cut off. Continue reading “Kevork Almassian: EU-Turkey refugee deal – A dance with the Devil”