German research group: Hawks from the SBU behind the assassination of Boris Nemtsov

Wilhelm Dietl
Wilhelm Dietl

At a press conference on Tuesday in Berlin, longtime investigative journalist, author and ex-employee of the German BND, Wilhelm Dietl, presented a comprehensive report on the murder of the Russian liberal opposition politician Boris Nemtsov.

A group of German-speaking experts who have known and been associated with Dietl for many years organized in the group “Ost-Objektiv” researched for over a year on the background of the assassination of the Russian politician Nemtsov. The chain of evidence was carefully compiled under the direction and expertise of Dietl and summarized in a 30-page report.

Dietl with his co-authors came to the conclusion that “hawks from the Ukrainian secret service SBU” had prepared the murder of Boris Nemtsov for at least half a year to initiate a “Russian Maidan”. Dietl: “Hence choosing the symbolic proximity to the Kremlin was no coincidence in order to lay a false trail – in a clumsy way.” However, according to Dietl, it is “typical of the SBU to be technically well prepared, but in the analytical field to be incompetent”. “The SBU has no tradition in producing objective analysis, but more in creating sugarcoated reports for their superiors”. “Also, the speculation of the SBU hawks that a Russian Maidan would stop the implosion of the Ukrainian army at the Donbas front for good was a miscalculation”, according to Dietl.

Some details of Dietl´s report: Nemtsov not only had close contacts to Kiev and was there often as a guest, he was already at the time advisor to former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko during the so-called “Orange Revolution” in 2004. It appeared to be more suitable for the SBU hawks to choose Nemtsov as a trigger to civil protests in the context of the anniversary of the Kiev Maidan. They also made use of a Chechen cell which was already at least since September 2014 operatively connected to the attack.

Dietl and the group “Ost-Objektiv” see in the murder of Nemtsov the amateurish attempt by some hawks from the SBU to initiate a Russian Maidan using extremist Chechen henchmen. Dietl also assumes that this action was not discussed with the government in Kiev, but in an isolated place which evolved into a boomerang. “Therefore, beside Boris Nemtsov also Issa Munayev, one of the perpetrators, had to die in order to conceal the traces of the true sponsors.”

“Anyway”, Dietl said in conclusion, “Ost-Objektiv will stay tuned on the case and continue to gather and present more evidence”.

The director of the Berlin based German Center for Eurasian Studies, Manuel Ochsenreiter, and Wilhelm Dietl from "Ost Objektiv"
The director of the Berlin based German Center for Eurasian Studies, Manuel Ochsenreiter, and Wilhelm Dietl from “Ost Objektiv”