German opposition parties embrace the result of the Dutch referendum

Dutch voters have overwhelmingly rejected a Ukraine-European Union treaty on closer political and economic ties, in a rebuke to their government and to the EU establishment. With a turnout of 32.2%, the threshold for a valid referendum was met. 61.59% of votes were Against the Approval Act.

While the German mainstream parties criticized the result of the referendum, politicians of the two German opposition parties – the sovereignist “Alternative für Deutschland” (AfD) and the left wing “Die Linke” embraced the political signal of the referendum.

AfD MP Jörg Urban stated: “We should not forget that exactly this Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine was splitting the Ukrainian people, it was leading to protests and violent clashes in Kiev, Odessa and other cities and it brought the country into a civil war. This agreement was the trigger for this bloody conflict. The rejection of this agreement is a clear sign against warmongering as well.”

The leader of the Left fraction in the German parliament (Bundestag) MP Dietmar Bartsch said that „this agreement triggered inner conflicts” in Ukraine and “aggravated the tensions with Russia”.